Iswing-C Sensor Type plane Golf simulator



Sensor Type plane Golf simulator

I realize low cost and high efficiency!The simulator which is most suitable for indoor practice field, a golf school, the golf outfitter.


  • Sensor is located in front of the hitting area under the ground, which creates a clear outlook of swing area.
  • No Obstruction on the swing area. Players can switch easily as well as supporting left and right side hitting.
  • Ball do not have to locate in the fixed location, much flexible for swing.
  • Without the need for club selection, and provide a comfortable play without stress.


Sensor Board

PC System

High performance


Motion Replay


Internal program

Stroke play 1 cours (10 courses can be added when using XswingNet), driving range,approach practice mode, near pin, driving contest, software installed

Please try and feel the outstanding reality of Iswing GOLF!

Shows ball trajectory instantly and accurately.

Xswing sensor system is developed under long interval of investigation as well as the latest technology. Based on this latest technology, the newly developed sensor consists Only 2mm between each diode. This is the highest density sensor arrangement out of our country.
Moreover, with its high speed 40m/sec ball data analysis. Ball data analysis such as speed, direction and fly angle can be detected and display instantly and accurately.

Full Use of All Shots

There are sensors in the front bat, bat also supports both left and right. As third-party products, and there is no need to select the club you want to use.

Plasma Display Panel

Like in a movie theatre, a wide screen has been included to increase the sense of realism. This will make it a great experience to see your ball drop into the hole.

Costomer Feedback

Indoor Practice Field Largest in Tokyo

A shot does not have the designation of the ball position, and Xswing is the simulator that it is most suitable for the lesson ground. I think the precision to be an attractive item highly at low cost for the indoor practice field.

Golf School Coach

I decided introduction of Xswing in comparison with a large number of simulators. Xswing analyzes the shot of the player strictly, and the result that the ball flight is enough for is not provided if it is not really a right shot. In addition, the swing check is simple by possibility and is the design that it is easy to use.

Golf Outfitter

I was thinking about simulator introduction with store remodeling and I had Xswing design it well and was able to introduce it.
The setting space is width 3.4M, depth 4.8M degree.
I come to be able to play experimentally, and the sales increase with the reputation of the shop and think that it was good to introduce it.

Iswing Payment example

※ 1 year free warranty is included in the complete set.

Cash payment campaig!

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Shopping loan

[ Shopping loan condition ]

Business types, corporations / individuals are not required for shopping loan applications.

For lease contract up to 8years,it is low interest!

[lease terms of the contract]

  • The application for lease contract does not matter to type of industry and the corporation / individual.
  • The contract that I included in a lease contract to a setting cost of construction is possible.
  • As for the lease contract, 3 through 7 is a condition.
  • The details of the lease contract are based on a lease contract.
  • A visitor bears the expendable supplies during a lease period. (screen, PJ lamp, tea mat)
Lease contract payment example
Application amount of money 1,500,000yen 2,500,000yen
A lease period (year) 7years 7years
Estimated monthly payment 21,000yen 35,000yen


Xswing Catalog


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