Xswing-GHigh speed ceiling camera typeGolf simulator



High speed ceiling camera type Golf simulator

Top level model! Simulator that is not limited to applications such as sports complex facilities, outdoor driving range, lessons, golf bars, etc.


  • Advanced technology to analyze the ball rotation using the maximum of 5,000 fps with two high-speed cameras.
  • Sensor is installed on the ceiling, special construction around hitter is unnecessary.
  • Analytical process with a basis for the club path and rotation of the ball to be seen with realistic images.
  • There is no ball position specified at shot, realizing comfortable play.
  • No need to select clubs, you can play without stress.


High speed ceiling camera sensor

PC System

High performance projector


Motion Replay

Swing Plate

Internal program

Stroke play 29 courses (40 courses can be added when using XswingNet), Club exercise mode, Course practice mode, Near pin, Driving contest, Island game, Target game, software installed.

Available to see real ball spin and club path !

The most advanced Technology to analyze ball spin with 2 high Speed Camera.

Xswing-G is enable to measure the real ball spin with high speed camera.
See your club path in slow motion, and it can improve your swing a lot better.

Analyze your ball flight using Hight Speed camera measure your actual data!!

Comparison with the sensor

  Xswing-G GC quad Trackman
Sensor High speed camera x 2
Smart camera x 4
Detection area 600mm×400mm 340mm×340mm 700mm×300mm
Reaction speed 0.2 sec 0.7 sec 3 sec
Spin Actual measure Actual measure Calculation
Spin analysis image × ×
Club analysis image × ×
Measured data 21 kinds of data 22 kinds of data 24 kinds of data

※Based on the research of GPRO

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Shopping loan

[ Shopping loan condition ]

Business types, corporations / individuals are not required for shopping loan applications.

For lease contract up to 8years,it is low interest!

[ lease terms of the contract ]

  • The application for lease contract does not matter to type of industry and the corporation / individual.
  • The contract that I included in a lease contract to a setting cost of construction is possible.
  • As for the lease contract, 3 through 7 is a condition.
  • The details of the lease contract are based on a lease contract
  • A visitor bears the expendable supplies during a lease period (screen, PJ lamp, tea mat)
Lease contract payment example
Application amount of money 3,600,000yen 5,000,000円
A lease period (year) 7years 7years
Estimated monthly payment 50,400yen 70,000yen

※Monthly payment amount varies depending on the leasing company.

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