More accurately, more realistically.
A real golf simulator sticking to reproducibility

State-of-the-art technology that attracts the world and abundant options, your golf life will change.

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「 Xswing GOLF 」 is Golf Simulator of latest technology.

The latest “Xswing Golf” developed based on the golf science can experience the reality like actually rounding on the field. We develop the simulation golf and sensor by our own technology, and our golf simulator gets a high appraisal from our users base on its accuracy and our support systems. Golfers can surely be satisfied with the technology that cannot catch up by product from other companies. Please experience the highest presence with "Xswing Golf".


Sensor Type plane
Golf simulator

Satisfied both the courses and the game!The all-around simulator which is not limited in a sporting house,the use including the golf bar.


Sensor Type plane
Golf simulator

I realize low cost and high efficiency!The simulator which is most suitable for indoor practice field, a golf school, the golf outfitter.


High speed ceiling camera type
Golf simulator

Top level model! Simulator that is not limited to applications such as sports complex facilities, outdoor driving range, lessons, golf bars, etc.


Camera Type
Golf simulator

A model that the professional also uses! Outdoor, indoor driving range, golf equipment store, optimum simulator for club fitting.

Various game modes with impactive big screen!

Attractive content that attracts golfers

Of course not only for stroke play, but also a wide practice modes such as practice range mode and approach practice mode, Driving contest, Near pin, target game, so many golfers from adults to children can enjoy it.

Stroke play

Up to 6 player can join in the game. Winner will be decided according to final score.

Match play

This is a one-on-one battle. The man who win the numbers on holes the most will win.

Skins Match

Money or points are paid at each hole, and only the winner of the hole can get all bet.

Point Tourney

Up to 6 player can join in the game. They convert the scores of each hall into points, compete for victory by total number of points.

Driving Range

Can repeat practice different clubs such as driver, wood, iron, S/W and P/W in a driving range.
※ Can hold Swing contest regularly with this mode.


Player can repeat practice approach shot at any selected location around the green or practice putting on the green.
※ Approach practice available for every course.

Near pin

Can repeat practice nearpin shot at all Par 3 courses.
※ Can select all Par 3 courses.
※ Can hold nearpin contest.

Driving contest

You can hold the Driving Contest from all the Par 5 courses, and choose the difficulty level. Repetitive Tee shot practice is available.

Players can comfortably enjoy Xswing GOLF.

Easy operations and high performance is the best configuration for players.

Mode Selection


Round selection



Club Selection

The best realistic recreation

Feel the field ground with a beautiful course that makes use of the latest technology by 3D rendering

The exceptional 3D recdering

We photograph inside and outside the country celebrity golf course and Xswing really measures it and completely puts 5,000 pieces of practical photographs and image of the aerial photography together and produces a golf course.

By photographing actual production and making actual course, realistic full-3D course full of reality! Adopt 3D rendering method which can feel the ground of the field.

Morning glow




Around the green

Grass bunker

Over the forest


Rest area


Water hazard


Xswing Catalog


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